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FruitMoss - 92 minerals plus vitamins, it's like a brand new body in a bottle.

What is FruitMoss?

The short and sweet answer is, we are the guys that solved the Irish-moss drink problem. We made the Irish Moss drink super cool again, by creating this brilliant recipe blend that transformed the regular thick Irish moss drink into a healthy off the shelf juice. To prove this here is our simple and powerful recipe equation: cold-pressed fruit + Irish-moss = FruitMoss 92 + minerals and vitamins with none of the bad stuff. Ok, we get it, you are serious about your health and what you consume, and you need to know all the great things about FruitMoss. But before we do, let me explain what Irish Moss is.

Irish Moss

First, Irish-Moss is not a moss but a seaweed, red algae with the scientific name Chondrus Crispus. It is also known as Sea Moss and Carrageen Moss. It grows abundantly in the ocean on the rocky parts of the Atlantic coast of Europe and North America and the Caribbean. Among its many benefits and uses is the Irish moss drink, a trendy beverage in Jamaica, consumed mostly by the locals to improve libido and overall health. The word carrageen comes from the Irish word carraigín, meaning little rock. Irish moss has a long history in Ireland dating back to the Irish Potato Famine of 1846 – 1848 and referred to as poverty food. The benefits of Irish Moss were well known to the natives of Ireland long before it took on the status of superfood. Traditionally In Jamaica, Ireland, and parts of Scotland, the drink was made by boiling Irish Moss in milk then straining, before sugar and other flavorings such as vanilla, cinnamon, stout, brandy, whiskey, are added. An old remedy for sore throat and congestion was to boil the Irish Moss in milk and then add honey and served just before bed.

Nutrient Dense

The human body made up of 102 minerals, Irish Moss contains a mind-blowing 92 of them (think about that the next time you drink a bottle of FruitMoss). The properties of Irish moss include vitamins A, E, F and K, calcium, potassium, and sulfur. It is also a natural source of iodine, which can be challenging to include in one's diet through food alone, and is especially important for supporting healthy thyroid functioning. The thyroid gland contains the highest concentration of iodine than any other organ in the body. These are the main organically bound iodine compounds found in purple Irish Moss One of the great benefits is the balancing of thyroid hormones. Irish Moss contains the vital thyroid hormone precursor DI-Iodothyronine (DIT), and the thyroid hormones Thyroxin (T4) and Tri-iodothyronine (T3). If the thyroid doesn't produce these hormones as it should, this can have a detrimental effect on metabolism and many other bodily systems. To sum it all up, you cannot make thyroid hormones without sufficient levels of iodine.

Respiratory Health

A potent source of potassium chloride, Irish Moss dissolves catarrh, phlegm, while soothing inflammation of the mucous membranes to prevent congestion, helping to clear out the lungs of any mucus that builds up with a common cold. Because of these expectorant qualities, Irish moss may help to prevent a common cold from turning into pneumonia and can treat other respiratory problems such as bronchitis. Irish Moss also has powerful antiviral properties, helping to prevent or treat a myriad of disorders such as flu, sore throats, chesty coughs, and much more.

Digestive Support

The high fiber content in Irish Moss exerts a mild laxative effect while soothing inflamed tissues within the intestinal tract, potentially providing relief from a whole host of intestinal disorders. It's demulcent properties promote healthy digestion – soothing the membranes of the digestive tract. The gelatin-like content helps to ease gastritis, dyspepsia, nausea, heartburn, and indigestion.

Weight Loss

Irish Moss helps to reduce the appetite due to its ability to absorb moisture, increasing its volume and filling the intestinal tract with the bulk type feeling of fullness. Its mild laxative effect can promote the elimination process of waste through the gastrointestinal tract. The iodine, as mentioned earlier, content can boost metabolism, which in turn will increase energy and can help to accelerate weight loss.

Hair, Skin, and Food

Irish moss is excellent for hair growth, hair sheen, dry skin, and skin conditions ranging from eczema to psoriasis, making it an essential ingredient for many lotions and moisturizers. There are also many ways you can use this nutrient-dense seaweed to thicken up dishes ranging from vegan foods to smoothies.

The Birth of FruitMoss

Because of our strong belief in eating to live and our long personal history of using Irish moss, we found it challenging to get people to consume this body changing superfood quickly. So fruit moss was born to create that balance between taste, health, and convenience. The traditional way of making the Jamaican Irish moss drink has not garnered mass appeal, especially in countries like North America is because of these issues:

  • Thickness. When blended with other ingredients such as in smoothies, the viscosity level becomes exceptionally high.
  • Lactose intolerance. Because of the traditional way of using milk or condensed milk to make the drink.
  • Refined Sugar. Irish moss drink loses its appeal as a health drink because of the addition of refined sugar in condensed milk or other sweeteners.
  • High salt content. If the fresh Irish-moss from the sea is not washed and sun-dried correctly, the salt levels will be very high.
  • Availability. The lack of popularity of the traditional recipe makes the drink not readily available off the shelf.

Our Achievement

FruitMoss has bridged all those gaps by creating an off the shelf ready to drink Irish Moss drink. Always made from cold-pressed in-season fruits, no added sugar, milk, or artificial additives and contains 92 plus minerals and vitamins, it's like a brand new body in a bottle.
Enjoy :-)

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